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Vetafarm Breeder Pellets

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Vetafarm Breeder Pellets

Parrot Breeder Pellets are designed to support successful breeding of parrots by fulfilling the increased nutritional demands of breeding season, helping to protect your hen from egg binding and supports membrane development, shell formation, and chick development.


A healthy and balanced diet is key to a successful breeding season. Breeding is a very nutrionally demanding time for birds, their bodies require increased nutrition to help stimulate breeding, lay fertile eggs and rear healthy chicks. Some examples of key nutrients for breeding birds and their young are increased protein to stimulate breeding activity, calcium and Vitamin D3 for egg formation, egg laying and prevention of egg binding.

Parrot Breeder Pellets have been developed for use from 6 weeks prior to the start of breeding through to the weaning of chicks. This diet provides balanced nutrition to ensure optimum health of parents and their chicks. Made with fresh Australian ingredients, extrusion cooked for palatability, safety and digestibility and carefully formulated by avian veterinarians and nutritionists with over 30 years experience.

Key features:

  • High quality nutrients to support breeding, membrane development, shell formation, and chick development.
  • Formulated to meet the high nutritional demands of the body leading up to, and during breeding.
  • For use approximately 6 weeks before breeding season and continued until chicks fledge.


  • Parrot Breeder Pellets should be fed as your bird’s primary diet (80% of daily feed consumed).
  • The remaining 20% of the diet should be made up of healthy fruit and vegetables (15%) and a small amount of treat foods such as nuts and seeds (5%) to provide variety and enrichment.
  • Feeding should begin approximately 6 weeks before breeding season and continued until chicks fledge.
  • Chicks raised by parents being fed Parrot Breeder Pellets can be weaned directly onto Maintenance Pellets.

Daily Pellet Recommendations:

  • Vetafarm recommends that parrots are fed a minimum of 10% of their bodyweight in pellets per day, for example:
  • 90g Cockatiel (or similar): provide a minimum 9g pellets per day.
  • 100g Ringneck (or similar): provide a minimum 10g pellets per day.
  • 250g Alexandrine (or similar): provide a minimum of 25g pellets per day.


Store in an airtight container out of direct sunlight and below 30°C. Consume within 30 days of opening for optimum freshness.


2 years from date of manufacture


  • Whole Australian Grains (Maize, soybean and wheat), Amino acids (lysine and methionine), Vegetable oils and natural organic acids,
  • Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D3, E, H & K), & Minerals (calcium, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, sulphur & zinc).

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Min Crude Protein 20.0%
  • Min Crude fat 5%
  • Max Fibre 3.5%
  • Max Salt (NaCl) 0.5%
  • Min Calcium 1%
  • Min Phosphorus 0.5%

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