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Vetsense- Nutrilyte 4in1

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NutriLYTE 4 in 1 is the All-In-One nutritional & performance supplement for your horse.

Designed for the performance horse, it combines the benefit of an electrolyte with a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.

This one product takes the hard work out of feeding multiple supplements, saving time and money.

Why swap to NutriLYTE 4 in 1?

Developed with one of Australia's leading thoroughbred trainers, this latest all-in-one formulation has been trialled on horses across various disciplines including, gallopers, harness, endurance and eventing.

The product is designed to:

  • Improve daily feeding efficiency, allowing for a more simplified supplement program
  • Help your horse to recover after training, travel, racing and competitions
  • Increase hydration
  • Improve muscle recovery
  • Supplies a daily source of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and amino acids
  • Improve overall wellbeing
  • Save you from purchasing extra additives, resulting in reduced cost per dose and increasing stable economy.

Rate of Use:

Normal work - 30g mixed daily into feed ration

Heavy work/Travelling Horses - 60g split (30g x 2) between two daily feed rations


Each 30g contains;

  • Vitamins
  • Vitamin A  16,210iu
  • Vitamin D3 257iu
  • Vitamin E  138mg
  • Vitamin B1  88mg
  • Vitamin B2  86mg
  • Vitamin B6  37mg
  • Vitamin B12   210mcg
  • Nicotinic Acid  79mg
  • Calcium Pantothenate  36mg
  • Folic Acid   33mg
  • Vitamin C  166mg

Minerals and Amino Acids

  • I-Lysine HCI  50mg


  • dl-Methionine  50mg
  • Yeast  80mg
  • Selenium  45mcg
  • Copper  5mg
  • Zinc  21mg
  • Choline  107mg
  • Iodine  10mcg
  • Inositol  88mg
  • Rutin  18mg


  • Calcium  993mg
  • Magnesium  128mg
  • Phosphorus  615mg
  • Potassium  126mg
  • Sodium  1200mg
  • Chloride  1255mg
  • Sulphate  425mg
  • Bicarbonate  681

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