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Virbac Cydectin LA Long Acting injection Cattle 500ml


Virbac Cydectin LA Long Acting Injection Cattle 500ml

What is Cydectin® Long Acting Injection for Cattle?

  • Cydectin Long Acting for Cattle is a low volume (1 mL/100 kg) high concentration 10% Moxidectin injection.
  • Moxidectin has advantages for the control of parasites. It is both potent and persistent when compared to other drench actives.3
  • Cydectin Long Acting for Cattle delivers 5 TIMES more drench active to the animal than commonly used injectable drenches.1,2
  • A higher concentration of the active increases efficacy and leads to longer protection against parasites.1-3
  • High efficacy and longer parasite protection has been shown to improve productivity.3-5

Recommended for

Cattle producers who prefer injectable drenches seeking enhanced and persistent parasite control, improved productivity and other benefits of a high concentration moxidectin formulation.

  • Provides season-long worm control to protect growing cattle on pasture.1,6
  • A single shot provides long duration cattle tick control in all cattle between 100 to 1000 kg.1

Why choose Cydectin® long acting injection for cattle?

  • Season long protection against key parasites.
  • Controlling parasites for longer allows cattle to focus on growth
  • Replace up to 4 treatments with a single quick and simple injection.
  • Prevents reinfection of cattle with parasites as below:
  • Haemonchus spp - up to 120 days
  • Ostertagia spp - up to 112 days
  • Cooperia spp - up to 21 days
  • Cattle ticks for at least 51 days
  • Viable cattle tick eggs for at least 65 days
  • Sucking Lice - up to 133 days
  • Reduce pasture contamination.1
  • Low volume injection drench for cattle - 1 mL/100 kg1
  • No known impact on dung beetles1
  • The only long-acting injectable drench permitted in animals between 100 to 1000 kg1
  • The only long-acting injectable drench permitted in animals exported live for breeding purposes.

Resistance can occur to any anthelmintic. Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Cattle can be used as part of a complete program. It can be used on the same day as Flukazole C or Oxfen LV to create a combination of actives against worms. Cydectin Platinum can also be used as the next drench after Cydectin Long Acting for Cattle to introduce a different drench active. Not all benefits listed are registered label claims.

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