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Virbac Cydectin Platinum Pour-On Cattle

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Virbac Cydectin Platinum Pour-On Cattle

What is Cydectin® Platinum?

  • The world’s first combination cattle pour-on drench without a milk restriction powered by DMI-SORB® Pour-On Technology.
  • Offers the potency and persistency of Moxidectin in combination with the knockdown effect of Levamisole.
  • It provides high efficacy against key cattle worms, including strains resistant to commonly used single active drenches, and is also effective against cattle ticks.1.3

Recommended for

  • Beef and Dairy cattle to ensure effective control of hard-to-kill parasites.
  • Weaners - protect their growth
  • Young breeders - protect future fertility
  • Induction of new cattle - protect against worms from other farms

Why choose Cydectin® Platinum dual active lv pour-on for beef and dairy cattlle?

  • Dual-Active, Low-Volume Pour-On Endectocide for Beef and Dairy Cattle
  • 99-100% effective against all key cattle worms3
  • Effective against single and dual-resistant worms, including doramectin, ivermectin, abamectin and/or moxidectin-resistant strains1
  • Treats cattle tick, including strains resistant to organophosphates, synthetic pyrethroids, amitraz and fluazuron1
  • Low Volume Pour-On: 1 mL/20 kg1
  • Withhold Periods: 7 Day meat, 20 Day ESI and Zero (0) day milk.
  • The only combination drench with persistent worm activity
  • Prevents pasture contamination for up to 35 days1
  • DMI-Sorb® Pour-On Technology enhances product absorption 23% faster than Cydectin Pour-On.2
  • Rainfast1 - rainfall from 2 hours after treatment will not affect efficacy1
  • It has no known impact on dung beetles1
  • Australian made

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