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Zamipet Dental Sticks

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Zamipet Dental Sticks

ZamiPet Dental Sticks Puppy supports overall oral health for puppies with the added benefits of Calcium and Omega-3 for healthy growth and development. Its unique ZamiDental formula helps prevent plaque and bad breath, whilst the four-leaf clover shape and texture provide gentle abrasion to clean the teeth.

Why use ZamiPet Dental Sticks Puppy for Dogs?

Dental health is one of the top five health concerns for Pet Parents. For puppies, it’s important to form good oral hygiene habits from an early age to ensure their teeth and gums remain healthy and strong. Preventing plaque build-up will also inhibit bacteria which causes bad breath.

ZamiPet Dental Sticks support overall oral care for puppies with added health benefits. Its unique ZamiDental formula contains Natural Seaweed - which helps prevent plaque and bad breath - combined with Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Zinc Sulphate to prevent the formation of plaque.

Specially formulated with:

Unique ZamiDental formula combining:

  • Natural Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum): A species of kelp which inhibits bacterial growth, restricting plaque deposits on the teeth and the bacteria that causes bad breath.
  • Sodium Tripolyphosphate: Helps prevent plaque from forming into tartar. Plaque is a soft, sticky film that builds up on teeth and under the gums, which is easier to remove through daily oral hygiene including dental sticks. Tartar is what accumulates when plaque is left on the teeth for longer than it should: it hardens and is much more difficult to remove.
  • Zinc Sulphate: Helps inhibit the bacteria in the mouth that can cause bad breath and contribute to plaque and tartar formation.
  • Calcium: An important mineral vital for the support of healthy bones and teeth in developing puppies.
  • Omega-3: Important fatty acids with wide ranging health benefits for developing puppies including healthy development of immune, circulatory and nervous systems.

Specially formulated for:

Owners wanting to proactively support the oral hygiene of their puppies with a convenient daily dental stick that also aids healthy growth and development. Specially formulated for puppies up to 12 kg and aged 12 weeks and above.

How do ZamiPet Dental Sticks work?

ZamiPet Dental Sticks address overall oral hygiene with added health benefits through a combination of important ingredients and actions:

1. Reduces plaque & tartar for healthy gums

ZamiPet’s unique ZamiDental formula contains Natural Seaweed, which helps prevent plaque and bad breath, combined with Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Zinc Sulphate to avoid plaque build-up and improve overall oral hygiene for your dog. Helping prevent the formation of plaque is key to maintaining healthy gums and preventing periodontal disease.

2. Gentle abrasion cleans the teeth

The unique four-leaf clover shape of ZamiPet Dental Sticks in a smaller size just for puppies provides gentle abrasion to clean the teeth, helping reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar. The stick’s malleable texture also works to rub against the teeth during chewing, providing a gentle cleaning action.

3. Freshens the breath

Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of bad breath in dogs. Studies have demonstrated that Natural Seaweed effectively reduces plaque and tartar accumulation, helping to reduce gingivitis and bad breath and provide better overall oral health.

4. Tasty dental treat(ment): flavour is key

A critical component for an effective dental stick is the chew time. Chewing provides the gentle physical abrasion required to clean the teeth. The longer your puppy chews on the stick, the better the outcome for your pet's oral health, so palatability is key. ZamiPet’s delicious recipe includes salmon oil for maximum flavour and a smoky aroma dogs love, ensuring your pet will chew every last bite of the stick.

5. Added health benefits

In addition to maintaining overall oral health, ZamiPet Dental Sticks include additional active ingredients – Calcium and Omega-3 – to support healthy growth and development.

Directions for Use

Feed one (1) dental stick daily. Specially formulated for puppies up to 12 kg and aged 12 weeks and older.

ZamiPet Dental Sticks feeding guide. For puppies up to 12kg, one stick per day.

Feed under responsible supervision to ensure dental stick is adequately chewed. Not suitable for puppies under 12 weeks. Always ensure your dog has access to clean, fresh drinking water.

When to use

Use ZamiPet Dental Sticks every day to help prevent plaque and bad breath, and to clean your puppy's teeth. To support optimum growth and development, use in conjunction with ZamiPet Best Start Puppy Multi premium health supplement and ZamiPet HappiTreats™ Puppy, following the feeding guides provided.

Full Ingredient List

Rice; Glycerol; Tapioca Starch; Soy Flour; Natural Flavours; Calcium Carbonate; Natural Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum); Salmon Oil (source of Omega-3); Food Acid; Sodium Tripolyphosphate; Zinc Sulphate; Natural Antioxidant.

Typical Composition: Protein 6.1%; Fat 1.1%; Fibre 0.1%; Salt 0.2%; ME 190 kJ/stick.

No artificial colours or flavours.

Manufactured in Australia

Key Ingredients

  • Natural Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum)
  • Sodium Tripolyphosphate
  • Zinc Sulphate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Salmon Oil (source of Omega-3)

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