Flexi leashes are small wonders in their own right

Packed with innovative ideas, patented technology and handcrafted details. Each model is assembled by hand and undergoes more than 100 quality checks before your tail-wagger actually gets to use it. The reward: uncompromising standards of perfection that will satisfy the needs of even the most energetic dog.

Millions of satisfied dog owners around the world use the unique invention from Germany: the flexi retractable leash.

Felxi are not only the market leader in over 90 countries, but they are also the inventor of flexi leashes and visionary pioneer in innovation.

Made in Germany

Fexi push boundaries and live our engineering heritage. We ask questions: Can this improve the life of a dog? Better is always possible. It does not take genius. It takes diligence and ingenuity. And above all, it takes a willingness to try.

Our 300 employees in Bargteheide, Germany are driven by the new and unexpected. We apply our entire creativeness to dogs, to their wants and to their needs. Our leashes are exclusive quality products. We rely on advanced technology, superior materials and experienced handcraftsmanship to create products that fulfil their job – promising a good life to dogs.


In 2010 we were decorated with the Brand of the Century award. Other accolades include the “reddot design award”, the “Editor's Choice Award” by the American “Dog Fancy” magazine and the “Product of the Year” award for flexi Neon by Europe’s leading Dog magazine “DOGS”.

However, our most important award is the many customer reviews that reach us from the millions of happy dog owners around the world.