Toxic Food for Birds

Author: Aussie Vet Products   Date Posted:7 April 2014 

Birds metabolise foods in a much different way to humans, so if you give a bird the same salty foods or the same treats that you allow yourself to have, you may find problems developing with your bird.

Even feeding your bird fruit such as apples or cherries can have the capacity to cause toxicity to your bird. Apple cores along with cherry, plum, apricots and peach seeds all contain cyanide which can be particularly fatal if a sufficient quantity is consumed.

Also on the list are chocolate, avocados, caffeine, alcohol and excessive amounts of salt.

Since you are a part of your birds ‘flock’ they very much enjoy sharing a meal with you and can become very curious as to what you might be eating at dinner time. It’s best though to push the salty and chocolate-y foods to the side and save those for yourself.