Protecting your cat from Paralysis Ticks

Author: Aussie Vet Products   Date Posted:4 August 2014 

Deadly Paralysis ticks are commonly seen during the period of August to May along the east coast of Australia from Cape York in Queensland down to Lakes Entrance in Victoria.  

Paralysis ticks are carried by common wildlife such as possums and bandicoots and whilst these animals are not affected by their poison, domestic animals have no immunity to tick toxin and are at risk if not protected.

Did you know that 60% of cat owners who live in an area affected by paralysis ticks are not aware that they do? Many cat owners are also not aware that even if their cat is not leaving the backyard they are still at risk of contracting a deadly paralysis tick.

The best way to keep your cat safe from ticks is to use a product that protects your cats from fleas as well as ticks. Frontline Spray is the only registered product on the market that will protect your cat from both fleas and ticks.

Prevention against paralysis ticks is always better than treatment for tick poisoning, which can be very costly and can even result in death of your pet.

Therefore applying Frontline spray to your cat every three weeks is crucial for their safety.

88% of cat owners who live in tick areas are either not using tick control or are not using it frequently enough to prevent tick poisoning.

In addition to using frontline spray, it is recommended that you must also check over your cat regularly to search for any unusual bumps on the skin. It a tick is found, you must remove it immediately and contact your local veterinarian for advice.