100% Raw 100% Healthy

Nutripetgc is not just pet food, its happiness and quality of life for you and your dog.

100% Raw 100% Healthy

About us

Tasty & healthy

  • We follow the B.A.R.F model (80%meat, 10% bones, 10% offal), created to emulate natural feeding. Our meals are enhanced with fresh fuit and vegetables, natural oils and supplements. All ingredients used by NutripetGC are human grade. We produce a variety of mixes to cater for every dog's needs and likes.
  • Our philosophy is to feed a variety of proteins for a balanced diet, rich in nutrients and without preservatives, grains, gmo's or fillers.
  • Special mixes can be tailored for Dogs with especial requirments and allergies.
  • All of this to ensure the best quality of life for your dog.