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Barastoc Stablemate Grain Mix 20kg


Barastoc Stablemate Grain Mix 20kg

Barastoc Stablemate is a fortified grain mix containing oats and has been formulated with essential amino acids and balanced for high-performance equine athletes. This powerful horse racing feed ensures your horses can maintain maximum energy output for longer.

What will Barastoc Stablemate do for my horse?

  • Formulated with Diamond V® XPC for improved utilisation of fibre, gut health and reduced lactic acid accumulation during exercise.
  • Contains a natural equine antacid, Barastoc Gastrolize™, for horses prone to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome.
  • High-quality protein with added amino acids to assist in superior athletic muscle development and repair.
  • Steam flaked grains to provide a high concentration of energy in a form that is easily digested.

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