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Equihoney Ulcer Tonic 1L (out of stock)


Equihoney Ulcer Tonic

A natural tonic that helps to prevent, heal and reduce gastric ulcers for horses especially during periods of stress  including intensive exercise, travel and stabling.

Protects and stregthens the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and reduces irritation and inflammation. Very palatable and easy to feed, Ulcer Tonic is easy to incorporate into the daily routine to keep your horses GI tract, happy and healthy.

The 1 litre bottles contains up to 60 days supply.


Equine Healing + Health , Powered by Manuka

Providing the ultimate in Equine healing and health with the proven and unparalleled benefits of Manuka Honey.

  • 100% Australian Made and Owned
  • All Natural Ingredients

Bees and Sustainability

Equihoney aims to operate as sustainably as possible, which also means taking care of the welfare of the bees. We only buy our honey from reputable Australian beekeepers who we know treat their bees like family. Celeste is also a beekeeper herself having kept bees since 2015.

Why we do what we do

Accidents happen and horses deserve the very best outcomes possible when things do occur. At Equihoney we believe we have created the ultimate in natural healing products that improve the outcomes for horses and reduce their discomfort and pain. What better reason could there be!

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