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Kohnke's Own Cell-Iron

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Kohnke's Own Cell Iron Pellets

A pelleted iron supplement for athletic horses to make up shortfalls in low or inadequate grain and hay based diets.

Contains 3 forms of iron including organic chelated iron and  high potency iron carbonyl for optimum availability, stable Vitamin C sources for iron uptake, Vitamin B12 and folic acid as co-factors for iron activity. Useful as short course help to improve sprint, stamina and oxygen carrying capacity. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Premium, pelleted iron supplement with additional synergistic nutrients for horses
  • Ideal for racing, harness racing and anaemic horses
  • Helps to maximise performance, stamina and oxygen carrying capacity

Unique Design:

  • Contains three different forms of iron with essential iron co-factors such as vitamin C and folic acid to facilitate iron uptake
  • Concentrated, bioavailable iron helps support optimum stamina, athletic performance and recovery
  • The pelleted form is more effective compared to liquid, powdered or injectable alternatives

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