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Kohnke's Own - Equine Nutrition Supplements for Health

Keep your horse in the best health and performance with Kohnke's own trusted supplements. Brands: Equine Supplements, Quality Horse Care, Horse Health & Nutrition.

Kohnke’s Own horse supplements and health care products are designed by equine veterinarian and respected authority in horse nutrition, Dr. John Kohnke BVSc RDA. From grass roots to high performance, Kohnke’s Own have 30 different products to meet any horse’s needs.

Make the change to Kohnke’s Own and see the difference in your horse! Our supplements are well known for their exceptional effectiveness.

Now at the 20th anniversary of the Kohnke’s Own brand, we celebrate our status as a world-leader in equine nutritional supplements through our focus on quality, research, careful manufacturing and constant innovation.

The Kohnke’s Own Difference

Kohnke’s Own supplements are particularly known for achieving visible results in improving the health, vitality and performance of horses, irrespective of age, breed or exercise level.

Our commitment to quality and effectiveness is evident in the trust that Aussie horse owners have in Kohnke’s Own; our range is a market leader in equine supplements and stocked by top feedstores and saddleries. We believe in providing superior supplements with the best value for money when comparing ingredients and cost per daily dose.

Unique, World-Leading Formulations

We are proud to be an Aussie made and family owned company, but our equine supplements and health care products are world-class. The pelleted Supplet® system is patent-protected and unique to Kohnke’s Own.  This exclusive technology allows the vitamins and minerals in the supplement to be presented in their most active and potent forms, so that your horse receives the maximum benefit from every scoopful.

Regularly Updated Supplements

We are proud to have a strong history in optimising the health and nutrition of horses around Australia, however our team are always keeping up-to-date with the latest equine nutritional information. At Kohnke’s Own, we regularly update and refine our formulations as well as design new products to ensure that your horse has the best supplements containing the latest nutrient technologies.

Backed by Real Research

At Kohnke’s Own, 50 – 100 Australian horses are involved in the development of every new supplement, with the progress carefully documented throughout the course of the trial, which can take from 2 – 5 years.

Long term field research trials are unique to Kohnke’s Own and represent a critical investment to ensure the optimum safety, stability, efficacy and palatability of our supplements, for maximum benefit to every horse.

“Helping horses and their owners has been my lifelong commitment for over 40 years as an equine veterinarian. My years of scientific research, consultation and practical experience of horse health and nutrition has been the basis of Kohnke’s Own range of supplements and health care products.

Now, 20 years after launching Kohnke’s Own, my team and I are still proud and passionate about improving the health, vitality and performance of Aussie horses.”

Dr. John Kohnke BVSc RDA