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Pharmachem Potassium Permanganate (Condy's Crystals) 500g


Pharmachem Potassium Permanganate 500g

A.K.A Condes Crystals. For use as a general antiseptic /disinfectant.

Pharmachem Potassium Permanganate for use as a general antiseptic /disinfectant

Potassium permanganate treats many skin infections, including eczema, dermatitis, bacterial skin infections and thrush. When applying to small, wet wounds, only a small amount of a very dilute solution is necessary. Larger areas, such as infected eczema on large areas of the body, particularly in the presence of blisters, pus or oozing, may require treatment with potassium permanganate water baths. These baths must contain very dilute potassium permanganate solutions.

Dilution is essential, as potassium permanganate crystals and concentrated solutions burn skin. Even dilute solutions can irritate skin and repeated use may cause burns.

Note that hair and skin discolouration will occur with the use of this product - the discolouration is temporary.

Potassium Permanganate can be used for water purification as well as for wound care.  to make a wound care solution add enough potassium permanganate so that the pink solution just turns purple.

This chemical has a strong oxidizing property that is why it is very useful in many applications. However, one of its more popular uses is in medicine, as an antiseptic and fungicide.

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