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Provico Probiotic Gel 300ml

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Provico Probiotec Gel 300ml

ProfeSTART PROBIOTIC GEL is a micro-encapsulated, multi-strain probiotic, containing live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms; fed to calves, dairy cows and beef cattle during times of stress.

Calves are born with a sterile intestinal tract. It takes one week to fully populate the gut lining in a healthy calf which is the calf’s first line of defence against disease.

  • ProfeSTART PROBIOTIC introduces four key bacteria – all natural calf strains, plus a live yeast.
  • Micro-encapsulation protects and releases live bacteria into gut.
  • GEL inoculates the gut immediately – administer 24 hours after birth. Repopulates the gut after disease, stress and antibiotic treatment.

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