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Sprinter Gold ACE

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Sprinter Gold ACE

ACE is a new concept as a complete antioxidant nutrient package for racing greyhounds.

It contains the full range of antioxidant nutrients which help to maintain the muscle cell walls of rapidly contracting muscles against damage by harmful reactive oxygen molecules as a greyhound races.

ACE features a high content of totally natural source Vitamin E, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and organic selenium to help maintain optimum muscle function during and after racing. It is a “new” generation over traditional Vitamin E supplements as it is formulated to help maintain maximum antioxidant activity within the muscle environment during strenuous exercise.

Features and Benefits:

  • Premium Antioxidant to ensure optimum performance race after race
  • Suitable for greyhounds with a history of muscle cramping, elevated muscle enzymes and other metabolic problems
  • Most active and potent antioxidant supplement available for greyhounds

Unique Design:

  • Comprehensive Vitamin E supplement, using the most active antioxidant and metabolically potent RRR form of natural Vitamin E
  • Also contains Vitamin A, organic selenium and coated Vitamin C
  • Low dose, can be easily sprinkled over the night meal
  • Highly palatable

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