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Staysound Hoof Guard

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Staysound Hoof Guard

Hoof health and coat care

Hoof Guard is a biotin, Methionine, Zinc and MSM supplement.  Hoof Guard contains many nutrients known to promote hoof growth, hoof quality and improve coat condition

Biotin is essential for the production of Keratin Sulphate which is the structural component of the hoof horn.  The deficiency of biotin in the diet can cause cracks and brittleness in the hoof.

Hoof guard contains a concentrated source of Sulphur.  Keratin Sulphate has a high sulphur content.  The amino acid Methionine and MSM are a rich source of bioavailable sulphur.

Calcium is an essential mineral for Keratin Stabilisation and cohesion in the hoof wall.  Calcium deficiency can pre-dispose hooves to weakness, brittlenss and cracks originating at the coronary band.

Zinc is vital for the healing of all epidermal tissues, especially the hooves.


Hoof Guard provides all the nutrients require to repair, protect and nourish every layer within the hoof wall.

This Sulphur enriched formula will ensure that nutrients supplied to the horses diet promotes optimum growth and improved integrity of the hoof.

Ingredients per 50g Scoop (based in Lecithin, Soya Bean and Alfalfa)

  • Biotin       37.5mg  
  • Calcium Carbonate   7500mg  
  • Cobalt Carbonate     2mg  
  • Copper Sulphate      92.5mg  
  • Lysine      82mg  
  • Methionine           2500mg  
  • MSM        2500mg  

Hoof Guard does not contain any Banned Substances


Daily Dose is 50g per day

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