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Sykes Minbal 4in1 500mls


Sykes Minbal 4in1

Minbal 4 In 1 Balanced Mineral Injection is for the treatment of Milk Fever, Grass Tetany & associated metabolic conditions in Cattle & Sheep.

Minbal 4 In 1 Balanced Mineral Injection is a compound mineral injection ready for instant use for the prevention and treatment of milk fever, grass tetany and allied mineral deficiency. Minbal 4 in 1 should be used when an animal does not respond to Double-Cal as the animal may be lacking in magnesium or phosphorus. In addition to calcium it contains dextrose to assist with complication from acetonaemia.

Active Ingredients:

  • Calcium As Calcium Gluconate @ 27.5g/L
  • Magnesium As Magnesium Hypophosphite @ 4.7g/L
  • Phosphorus As Hypophosphite @ 12.2g/L
  • Glucose @ 182.0g/L

For the treatment of Milk Fever, Grass Tetany and other associated metabolic conditions.

Why Choose Minbal 4 in 1 Balance Mineral Injection?

  • Contains the active ingredients Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus & Glucose.
  • Provides a rapid glucose energy source and restores phosphorus and magnesium levels for treatment of associated metabolic conditions
  • For use in both cattle and sheep
  • Ideal for use on ‘downer’ cows
  • Packaging includes pre-attached delivery tube and separate sterile 14G x 1.5” needle.

Pack Size: 500ml PVC Pouch (18 x 500mL per container)

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