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Vetafarm Avian Insect Liquidator -Concentrate

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Vetafarm Avian Insect Liquidator Concentrate

Please note this is for the Concentrate. There is also a Ready to use version available.

Avian lice and mites can cause skin irritation, itchiness, powdery and flaky deposits and sometimes scabs. Severe infestation can result in other health issues such as anaemia, reproductive issues and immune system issues.

Avian Insect Liquidator was formulated by avian veterinarians to control avian lice (order Phthiraptera, suborder Mallophaga) in ornamental caged birds and their environment. Provides instant knockdown of mites and lice and 6 weeks residual protection of both birds and their environment.

Suitable for any situation where external parasites are a problem - including nest boxes, flights, perches, aviary floors, indoor cages and for direct application to the bird.



  • Prepare a 5% solution by diluting with water (for example mix 50ml concentrate with 950ml of water), and shake well.
  • To control Avian lice on ornamental birds (including parrots, finches and canaries):
  • Spray directly onto bird by holding spray 30-40cm from the bird.
  • Use 4–5 pumps (0.8mL/pump) per bird. Repeat in 6 weeks or as necessary.
  • Cages, aviaries, perches and nest boxes should also be sprayed thoroughly with the diluted product.


  • 125g/L Piperonyl Butoxide,
  • 25g/L Permethrin (40:60),
  • 0.4g/L Methoprene

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