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Vetsense- Labs Rehydrate Horse

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Vetsense- Labs Rehydrate Horse

Suitable for: Horses involved in strenuous exercise and/or sweat loss during training, racing, competition, during travel and hot weather conditions.

Vetsense Rehydrate is an electrolyte and glucose supplement which helps to replace the electrolytes lost through sweating, strenuous physical exercise and travelling during hot weather. This supplement must always be given with water, to allow the components to effective reach the bloodstream.

  • Electrolyte and glucose supplement for horses
  • Oral supplement
  • Helps restore and maintain electrolyte balance
  • Clean drinking water should be available at all times when using this product

Directions for use:

Administer by oral syringe over the back of the tongue, with immediate access to clean and fresh drinking water. Alternatively, this paste can be diluted with fresh clean water.

Oral administration: For horses 450-500kg in light work: 40mL, in moderate work: 60mL, in heavy work: 80mL, in endurance/eventing, heavy sweat loss or dehydration: 80mL.

As a diluted solution: For horses in light work: 40mL in 2L of water, in moderate work: 60mL in 3L of water, in heavy work: 80mL in 4L of water, in endurance/eventing, heavy sweat loss, dehydration: 80mL in 4L of water.

For ponies <350kg, halve all of the above doses.

Vetsense Animal Health is a family owned business who formulate a range of quality products for animals, whether they be your pet, passion or profession. Australian made and owned, Vetsense follow strict quality guidelines to ensure all their products for horses, dogs, cats, and poultry are both safe and effective.

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