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WSD Aerosol Sheep Dressing 450gm


WSD Aerosol Sheep Dressing 450gm

Product Description

WSD Aerosol Sheep Dressing is a treatment and prevention for blowfly strike of sheep.

Type of Preparation

Wsd Aerosol Sheep Dressing is an aerosol formulation for topical use containing 25g/Kg dibutyl phthalate and 0.64g/Kg clofenvinphos. It is scheduled as a DANGEROUS POISON (S7).


  • Sheep and Lambs: Treatment of blowfly strike. Prevention of blowfly strike of wounds including after mulesing or dehorning.
  • Milking Sheep: Do NOT use in sheep producing milk for human consumption


Always refer to the label. Spray the area thoroughly, including the surrounding skin and wool.

Advice On Use

  • The supply of WSD Aerosol Sheep Dressing requires an S7 license or equivalent.
  • The product is dangerous and operators should use personal protective equipment.
  • Shake the container well before use.
  • The wool should be clipped from areas affected by maggots before treatment.

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