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Bayer Cylence Insecticidal ear tag for cattle 20 Tags


Bayer Cylence Insecticidal ear tag for cattle 20 Tags

  • Cylence Ultra Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags are for effective control of buffalo fly, including control of organophosphate resistant fly populations on beef and dairy cattle.
  • Cylence Ultra is impregnated with Betacyfluthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide along with Piperonyl butoxide, which acts as a synergist. The insecticides are slowly released from the tag to protect cattle against buffalo fly for up to 4 months.
  • Cylence Ultra ear tags will give effective control of buffalo flies if used on all animals (over 3 months of age). Cylence Ultra can be easily applied using an Allflex Universal (Red) or LazaMatic applicator. Attach two tags per animal (one tag per ear) to the back of the ear. Calves less than 3 months should not be tagged as ear damage may result.
  • It is recommended to treat cattle with ear tags during the peak fly season ie. when more susceptible cattle show 'fly worry', or when there are more than 200 flies per beef animal or 30 flies per dairy cow.
  • To prolong the effectiveness of the chemical groups available for fly control, ensure that rotations occur both within a season and from season to season.
  • Continual exposure to a single class of insecticide (e.g. pyrethroids or organophosphates) may lead to the development of resistance to that class of insecticide. In order to reduce the possibility of Buffalo Flies developing resistance it is important to rotate the class of insecticide used on a seasonal basis.

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