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Chloromide Antiseptic Spray

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Size: 500mL
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Chloromide spray is used as an antiseptic to treat topical infections, bacterial skin disease, wounds, cuts and abrasions. In addition, Chloromide spray repels flies and biting insects from the wound surface of horses, cattle, pigs, sheep or dogs. Chloromide spray is long lasting, as it has bitter properties to reduce interference and licking by the animal.

Directions: Spray the affected area until it is entirely covered. Treat regularly until the treated area is healed.

Composition: Cetrimide 8.0 g/L, N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide 5.0 g/L, Di-N-propylisocinchomeronate 2.5 g/L, Chloroxylenol 2.4 g/L, Orthophenylphenol 0.8 g/L, Pyrethrins 0.3 g/L.


  • May cause skin irritation in very sensitive animals. Spot test before use.
  • Repeated use on open wounds is not recommended.
  • When used in cattle, wash residue from teats and udders prior to milking.

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