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iO Equigard Horse Paste

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Independent’s Own Equigard Horse Paste

For treatment and control of roundworms, bots, and skin lesions caused by summer sores. Low volume pastes presented in ergonomic syringes for easy adminstration. Less chance of spitting out, and syringe ideal for smaller hands. 18.7g/kg Ivermectin. 1 x 700kg Horse. 7.49g.

Controls & Prevents:

Effective against Benzimidazole (BZ) resistant worms (small strongyles). Some strains of bloodworms have become resistant to BZ products, EQUIGARD can control BZ resistant worms

Features & Benefits:

  • Equigard has a wide safety margin. It can be used in horses of all ages including mares at any stage of pregnancy and breeding stallions.
  • Effective against Benzimidazole(BZ) resistant worms (small strongyles) - some strains of bloodworms have become resistant to BZ products, Equigard can control BZ resistant worms.
  • Low dose volume - Equigard Paste is easy to administer & stays in the mouth
  • Ergonomic syringe for quick administration, fits smaller hands
  • Syringe volume 7.49g
  • Available as single syringe or stud bucket of 60 syringes.

Dose Rates: The contents of one syringe will treat one horse of 700kg bodyweight. Each weight marking on the syringe plunger will deliver 1.07g of paste which is sufficient to treat 100kg bodyweight.

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