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iO Venus Liquid 5ltr (Cyromazine) - Sheep Blowfly treatment


Venus Liquid 5ltr (Cyromazine)

Venus Liquid Sheep Blowfly Treatment

Active Ingredient: Cyromazine @ 500g/L

Similar or Comparable to Vetrazin Liquid (Elanco)

Venus Liquid Sheep Blowfly Treatment is an Insect growth regulator (IGR) for the prevention of blowfly strike in sheep.

Venus Liquid Sheep Blowfly Treatment protects longwool sheep for up to 14 weeks from strike by blowfly (Lucilia cuprina), including organophosphate resistant strains, when applied by jetting or dipping.

Venus contains the active ingredient cyromazine, an insect growth regulator that breaks the lifecycle of the blowfly before any damage occurs.

Blowfly strike (flystrike) occurs when the eggs of the sheep blowfly (Lucilia cuprina) hatch in moist wool and the maggots feed on the flesh of the live animal. The maggots create painful wounds which, if undetected, can debilitate the animal to the extent that it eventually dies of blood poisoning.

Flystrike is a significant health and welfare risk to Australian sheep and costs $280 million annually.  Flystrike should be actively monitored and managed to prevent productivity losses and ensure good animal welfare.  There are five types of flystrike; both body and breech strike are seen as the most prevalent and important ahead of poll and pizzle strike.  The risk of these types of flystrike will depend on environmental conditions as well as how susceptible sheep may be.

What are the perfect environmental conditions for flystrike?

  • The presence of primary species (most commonly the Australian sheep blowfly).
  • Temperatures must be right (between 15–38 degrees).
  • Recent rain — enough to keep suitable sites on the sheep moist for about three days.
  • There must be suitable sites (wrinkles, urine, faeces) on the sheep to attract flies and sustain larvae.
  • Wind speeds below 9 kilometres per hour (km/h) as this gives flies the best opportunity to disperse.

Venus Liquid can be applied by;

  • Jetting
  • Dipping (Plunge – Shower & Constant replenishment)
  • Dressing

Why Choose Venus Liquid Sheep Blowfly Treatment:

  • Contains the active ingredient Cyromazine.
  • Cyromazine causes retardation, malformation and death of young fly larvae.
  • Is a water-soluble suspension for jetting, dipping and dressing. 
  • Has a favourable environmental profile, and is safe for producers and sheep when used according to the label.
  • Does not affect wool quality.

Critical use comments:

  • For use on sheep more than six weeks after shearing.
  • Reduced effectiveness is likely if used on sheep with lumpy wool.
  • Jet at the onset of blowfly wave.
  • When used on sheep with less than 6 weeks of wool a reduced period of protection may result.
  • This product is not recommended for use in jetting races because reduced efficacy and/or a reduced period of protection may result.
  • Do not collect and reuse fluid that runs off.
  • Should not be used on open wounds e.g. wounds resulting from marking or mulesing operations.

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