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Troy Avenge + Fly 22ltr


Troy Avenge + Fly 22ltr

  • This season rotate to Avenge + Fly to manage flystrike resistance.
  • With no known resistance* and up to 14 weeks protection, it makes sense to rotate to Avenge + Fly this season
  • Avenge + Fly is a multi purpose product that controls lice and prevents flystrike
  • Contains imidacloprid, a neonicotinoid insecticide that kills lice quickly
  • The only product containing imidacloprid registered for spray-on fly strike prevention.
  • Formulated with a solvent base for rapid fleece penetration
  • Available in a 22L pack size which treats 275 sheep off shears for lice and fly (60kg sheep) or 305 sheep in long wool for fly prevention (60kg sheep).
  • Apply using either an Avenge + Fly manual or power doser with the Avenge + Fly 6 stripe applicator (for lice) or spray nozzle (for fly).
  • *No known published peer reviewed studies demonstrating imidaclopid resistance in Lucilia cuprina.

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