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Flints Medicated Oil

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Flints Medicated Oil is a gentle and soothing product used to prevent the formation of proud flesh on open wounds, cuts and laceration especially on lower limbs of horses, cattle and sheep

It also repels flies from the wound and enables the wound to heal naturally, reducing the risk of surface infection whilst providing a protective barrier for healing the wound.

Flints Medicated Oil also has disinfectant and anitbacterial properties, capable of killing both gram positive and gram negative pathogens.



Directions for Use:



  • For topical application only. 
  • Carefully wash or clean discharge from around wound and dry. 
  • Ensure wound is free from water.
  • For cuts, abrasions, wounds, apply with spray or cotton wad three times a day.


Presentation: Pale yellow oil with characteristic odour.




Active Ingredients:


Each Litre contains:CRESOL BP    30g

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