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Ear Cleaning Tips

Ear drops are best given to your dog whilst sitting, which allows the drops to penetrate better. Make sure you pull the ear up gently and slowly before administrating. Instil 3-4 drops into the external ear canal and massage the base of the canal immediately after. Check that the inner ear flap is free from dirt and wax by gentle wiping away any excess with a cotton bud or grooming wipe. Your dog will tend to shake their head immediately afterwards, but this is easily prevented with a small reward of their favourite treat.
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About Aussie Vet Products

Our team at Aussie Vet Products is dedicated to providing you with professional pet care at affordable prices.

Owned and operated by Registered Veterinarian Dr Simon Coates, our team of trained staff have a combined experience of over 60 years in both small and large animal Veterinary care.

We love animals just as much as you and are on a mission to make caring for your pet: Simple, Confusion free, Cost effective, safe and most of all Fun!
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Aussie Vet Products Blog

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